Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Thank you for sharing your story. ConAgra foods continues to show total corporate irresponsibility by producing inferior products that put the general public at risk. May I encourage you to pursue as much media as possible and make as much noise as you can. At some point we can file a class action lawsuit. You may want to contact ConAgra directly and let them know of your situation and our website. The more waves we make, the safer the public is. Plus it would be nice if they would replace what their products messed up. It is a crying shame that they can get away with this. We have spoken with hundreds of people. Public opinion can make a big difference especially in these economic times. The last thing they want to do is lose market share.

Please let me know how I can help. Again, thank you!!!

All the best,

Orv Red

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Conagra food sent my complaint to a company called Sedgwick Claims Management Services . When the caremel flavored popcorn first came out , The instructions were to pop the bag , add the caremel , nuke 1 more minute , then shake the bag to spread the caremel evenly . I am positive !! They denie it . So I have 2nd and 3rd degree burns when the bag exploded on my hand . It's Bull crap . I need to find proof that they changed the instrutions , and they will not offer any compensation of ANY kind . I have the letter in my hands . Judy Cody from Sedgwick . Please help ! sturgis.marlin@gmail.com - 303-589-5853 ...Jim marlin jr.